A few months ago my brother inlaw sent me a message “Do you want a Google Plus invite?” my response……YES PLEASE! I knew that the benefits of having an account and now, for me, as an educator has exploded. I am sitting here at the moment on a two week school holiday break and I am amazed at how much information is actually streaming through my account. ┬áPlus it is all quality information rather than quantity. For example I get information such as this which was posted by +Jenny Gilbert explaining the Flipped Classroom and I had to instantly share it.


Or how fast it took Google+ to reach 50 Million Users:


It has been very refreshing and the discussions have been innovating, motivating and inspiring.

Its interesting to note that I haven’t logged onto Twitter since I got my Plus account and I still get notifications that people are still following me on it. The same people following me are now migrating over to Google+ and are sharing regularly their information. I have noticed that some do their blog posting right on the status update because you are not limited to 140 characters. Plus you can post links to websites and Google+ shows the thumbnail and description right there. There is no need to go anywhere else. I am only posting here because I wanted to talk about Google+ to people whom may not have experienced it yet and ask if you want an invite.

A lot of debate has been raised on Google+ in comparison to FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus and my opinion is that they compliment each other. My wife and I still have friends that we keep in contact with on FaceBook and I mainly use Google+ for reading the latest teaching resources with a few status updates about whats happening in my life. Such as I took this photo from my veranda the other day and someone asked was it Photoshopped!

So Google Plus is advancing my teaching through obtaining valuable resources and sharing them however the age restriction at the moment is 18+. So it is impossible for me to implement it into the classroom YET! I do see its benefits as teachers could use the Flipped Classroom concepts and use the tools embedded in Google Plus such as: Hangouts Screensharing, Sketchpad, Google Docs and Broadcasting as outlined here…http://www.edukwest.com/google-hangouts-add-screensharing-sketchpad-google-docs-and-broadcasting/

Finally I think that Google+ is here to stay and if you want an invite to see its benefits send me your email address in the comments and I will send you one. Be sure to add me to your circles when you get there.

Thanks for reading.