Teach them to code!

A couple of days is a long time when you are online and today is no exception. Yesterday I saw this video posted by +Peter Vogel but since then myself and many others have shared it as well. 

Since watching this, now viral video, I have got my year 10 class to join in a class I made at http://www.codehs.com and they are absolutely loving learning to code in this way. Why? Because Code.org makes it so easy to learn. The explanations and the tutorials make so much sense and they increase your ability in such a simple way. Plus it uses gamification to motivate the students (and me) to continue to learn because you can see the levels you are achieving. 

Coding, I believe, is an important skill to learn if you are using a computing device on a regular basis (can you name a job where you don’t need one?) and coding is not easy to learn. I have triedhttp://www.codecademy.com/#!/exercises/0  with classes and the students felt it was tedious and the hoops were too high to jump through.

So I encourage us all as educators to pass this on to our/your students so that we benefit our own lives with technology. Imagine you could say “I taught (insert name here) head of the biggest company on the Internet how to code and look at how they have changed society” I know that the lecturers at Stamford and Harvard can say that but imagine you could. I am even allowing my 9 and 5 year to learn code so they can pay mummy and daddy’s mortgage. It even works on an iPad

Thanks for reading.