On Google+ I wrote a comment about this and I thought I would share it here.

This week in my IPT class we have completed the Trail HSC and all of the content needed to sit the HSC. At this period in time I am usually struggling to keep Yr12 motivated to revise for the HSC and there are only so many Past Papers Past Papers Past Papers you can go through before you start to loose a good group let alone a difficult bunch (mines a good group btw)

So I thought I would practice what I preach and create a game using gamification techniques! It was easy….

I called it “Pro Speed Ball” after a level I used to play in CS. All I did was go to the syllabus and get some definitions and ask the students to be the first to post the answers on our Ning Site. I would then give them an XP out of 10 for their speed and an XP out of 10 for their accuracy. This gave them an XP level and this was ranked. We have had two rounds so far and the students have become EXTREMELY competitive and I have a 100% attendance rate. Next lesson is round three and they are going to form groups this time and upload their findings. Its interesting that the leader after two rounds isn’t the student who is first all the time rather the student who takes their time and is more accurate with their findings.

Try it yourself. This is adaptable in a number of ways and I am sure I will be using this in other years in other classes. It would be how I would teach Maths!

Thanks for reading