Hello all,

Last week I was asked to present information at my school to year 10 about Digital Footprints and PLN’s. The best way to educate them about what I have to say is to direct them here so they can read the dialogue of the presentation and rewatch the clips that I show. As well as that they can click on the links and browse the information. I am hoping that they can use this as valuable resource to start developing their PLN’s for preparation for their global studies. Here is my Prezi and as all of us are aware there isn’t much dialogue so I have outlined it below.


However Digital Natives have a wonderful opportunity to use the technology available to them for the benefit of their learning:


A personal learning network or PLN is a network of people that we can gather information from. I have my own and you can read about how I have developed my in my previous blogs but here are the links that I have mentioned in the Prezi.


Over the past two years I have been on Twitter using it to find people who have similar interest as me. I dont care for thos that want to tell me that they have just brushed their teeth. That is, those people around the world who wish to partake in reshaping education through the use of 21st century tools. I have started following those people that to me MATTER. I am constantly building my PLN through this. I also click on the links that they post and subscribe to their feeds (more about this soon).


This is where I write my blog. Not only this but I like to search through the millions of blogs and find interesting things that a relavent to my teaching. If you search you will find others around the world that can assist in your learning on any subject you choose.


Wikis are a site that allows anyone to create a website and people can visit and gain information. I use it to allow students to start creating their own digital footprints. Now, your teachers are starting to create their own Wikis so that you can benefit from what they want you to learn in your own time.


Ning is similar to Wikis and each of them have their own abilities which can be explored. Originally to create a Ning it was free but now you have to pay a monthly fee which NGS pays for. I use it to teach my HSC subject IPT and develop a massive resource for students to use as a study aid. Not only this but I keep regular updates and recently I have developed a virtual classroom using Smallworlds. This is allowing me to run classes out of the normal rhelms of a school timetable.

There are literally thousands of Web 2.0 applications out there  and the picture in the Prezi shows this. The problem is…..now that you are starting to develop a PLN how do you keep track or all this.

The solution is simple: Subscribe to the RSS feeds of the sites that matter to you! This can be done using different methods. I subscribe to RSS feeds using my email account. This means that all of my subscriptions are placed in my Inbox of my Outlook 2007 account. They are transportable and I can read them anytime I wish. However, if you dont have Outlook you can use Google Reader:

Or similarly you can use Delicious which does the same as Reader and Outlook.

I would strongly advise that you visit these sites:

National Library of Australia (become a member)

Andrew Douch (find him on iTunes)

Ten Marks (sign up)

Mathademics Channel

Now the rest is up to you to become a 21st Century Learner:

I wish you all the best for your upcomming future senior years and if you listen to the advice that is given to you now a great teacher once said to me “You get what you deserve”. Therefore start now and work hard so you do.

Thanks for reading

Mr. Andrew Blackwell