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I am sitting here feeling pretty chuffed today as what I set out to achieve at the beginning of this term has come to fruition. Inspired by the likes of Andrew Douch, Jenny Luca and Steve Collis I have used primitive resources compared to some technology to produce a subject that runs 24/7!

It all started last term when I discussed with my Year 10’s last term about how best to deliver the subject matter they were learning. You see, in the past I would develop PPT’s full of notes and visual media to go through the knowledge I would later examine them on in the form of topic tests, half yearlys and yearlys. They appeared to be really bored and not engaged with the content so I asked them how could I deliver this knowledge. One answer was “just give us the ppt notes and we will copy this down and study it”. This was okay but the notes still required clarification! This was solved by me recording my voice talking about each slide individually whilst the learner takes down the notes in an exercise book and completes set tasks based on relevance. I have had some interesting comments from the students……”I am not used to all this nefangled learning thingy.  I prefer the old chalk and talk”. I still spend one lesson clarifying anything that a student needs to have cleared but it now frees up our class time for practical learning. Rather than the students rushing at the end of term getting their projects completed they now have the whole term to work on the assessments (see previous post). But why do I say it runs 24/7?

The prescribed tasks are read by the students on our Wikispaces page and this is constantly updated so that a student can access this anytime they wish. Also the students are requested to update their blogs regularly, not just in class time. This morning I checked the recent changes and two of my students were working on their blogs at 11pm last night! It wasn’t prescribed homework they were doing it themselves!  It will be interesting to see how they go with the exams because when and what they will be examined on will be posted online.

I am not saying that this is the best way for a class to run. I merely am saying that I am able to enrich students practical outcomes of the course by freeing up time to produce quality work rather than rush it. By the way their projects are being inspired by this video which demonstrates envoking emotion.

Soon I will be building this concept into a 3D environment!

Thank you for your time Andrew!