I have been thinking long and hard about my first post to this site. I have been a long time reader of this space but never really had anything to blog about. Many of the people on here I have respected for years now and they have inspired me to begin a blog about my journey of teaching. Why have I started…. well I think I need to….. to keep up……to stand up an be recognised…..cuz whats on tv right now doesnt interest me…….cuz I admire those that do….to provide an example to my students that I care so much about their learning and how they do it!

Tonight I sit here amazed that without (much) prompting one of my students was working on an assessment task.  What were they doing……updating their blog! The task I have given them is to invoke an emotion through the use of digital media but they are required to blog their feelings and experiences so that they provide an awareness into what they are portraying. The learning is twofold…..1. They learn the skills in producing film by invoking emotions (a very difficult task when you think about it) 2. They are starting to create their Digital Footprint. Most already have a digital footprint and are well adapt at Social Networking but most of my students footprint is only seen by their peers. I want them to realise that a Digital Footprint is global and it starts right now.

So at this stage they are very apprehensive about where to start but I keep stressing that this is a journey and they are documenting the process. The next step will be to get them to learn the skills to portray an emotion using film. I will keep you posted.